Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Why Hello June, and my blog!

Wow. So, in case you hadn't noticed, I did not end up following through with my 365 Project. Such is life, I won't dwell on it. I've been away for a while, lots of craziness going on in my life, but I'm attempting to get back to the flow here.

I love, after a good spring/summer rain, how the droplets stay so perfect on the grass, leaves, trees etc. On this morning when I went outside, I had to go get my camera, it was so beautiful. Here's a few images:

So, while I have been MIA on here, and with my photography, I have been working on some mental challenges with my photography, vision etc. It has been a VERY productive few months mentally in getting a better idea of where my photography is headed, and I'm excited for this. Also, I am now full time with my other photography venture, BarkNut Images. Head over for more information.

And last but not least: WELCOME TO JUNE!!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Hello My Love: Film

Whoa. So, it's been a little while or so since I've been on. The 365 Project is still here, in one form or another. However that's not what I'm going to show you today. No, my love affair has been re-ignited. For those that know me, they know where my photography started: with film, in the darkroom.

In college in my required Digital Photography class I got into an argument one day with the teacher and a fellow student/teacher(a teacher at the college taking the class for fun) regarding digital photography. I had zero ZERO interest in learning anything about it. They informed me I would never have a career in photography if I didn't transfer to digital. I basically told them to f-off, I was going to do what I wanted, and that was that.

Then I graduate college, move to FL, and buy my first digital camera. 4.5 years later after losing my way with photography, I'm rediscovering it in many ways. One VERY important way: rediscovering film. God how I love film. Nothing compares.

So I bought a Holga, just for fun. Then I found a $12 Spartus Full-Vue. The shutter is broken. Neither have the ability to be manually focused-as they're both fixed focus. Neither have a light meter to adjust the aperture and shutter speed. Neither really give me an option. The SP-V has a busted shutter so I'm still learning how long to hold it down for given what lighting conditions.

And I am SO SO happy.

So, without further adieu, a few of my first ever images from each camera!


And my fave:

Spartus Full-Vue

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Photos of clouds may be cliche. But I don't really care! :) I love clouds, and watching clouds. When is the last time you laid in the green grass staring up at the sky, without a care in the world?